Understanding Ponding on Your Roof Deck

The occurrence of standing water on your roof deck or balcony-- or "ponding," as it's called-- is not only an indication that something could be wrong with your deck, it could aggravate existing water intrusion issues, as well. Below, we examine this common issue, its causes, and why it should be remedied as soon as possible.

What Causes Ponding?

Ponding can be caused by several issues. One of them is improper installation of your roof deck. Because rain is always a possibility, roof deck surfaces need to be equipped with a subtle incline that allows gravity to pull water off the deck when there is precipitation. When this incline is not properly implemented, ponding can occur within the deck's perimeter.

Even when roof decks are properly installed, ponding can still occur if the deck begins to experience sag. In very old roof decks, a warping of the surface can occur over time—but in decks experiencing internal moisture intrusion, sagging can occur much earlier and compromise the structural integrity.

The Effects Of Ponding

Most property owners notice ponding because it tends to leave ugly stains on the surface of their roof decks when the water finally dries. However, this effect is only cosmetic and serious ponding can pose an even greater threat to your roof deck.

If your deck is experiencing ponding, it means it is experiencing prolonged exposure to water. This exposure means that the eventual wear and tear of your deck sealant can become a major issue faster. Once moisture has infiltrated the inner structure of your deck, structural damage is possible-- especially when ponding continues to supply a steady supply of water.

Expert Deck Waterproofing in San Luis Obispo County

Is your roof deck or balcony experiencing ponding? If so, it is crucial that you remedy it before the Southern California rainy season. At DeckTech, Inc., our San Luis Obispo deck waterproofing professionals have been serving our community for more than 30 years. We're ready to assess your property and provide you with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

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