Preparing Your Roof Deck for the Rainy Season

As we approach the final weeks of the summer, many homeowners feel as if their roof decks have cleared another season of outdoor activities and sunny lounging outside their home. However, the passing of another summer does not mean your roof deck should be ignored until next May rolls around.

The fall brings the rainy season and any wear and tear that your roof deck suffered over the summer could spell disaster later on if it becomes exposed to moisture intrusion. Below, let's look at some of the things you can do to treat your roof deck and ensure that it's ready to face this October and November and provide long-lasting integrity for years to come.

1. Inspect Your Deck

Even if you've only noticed small signs of wear and tear to your deck over the course of the summer, a deck inspection is advised. It may seem as if small cracks or rust discoloration are only cosmetic flaws, but they could lead to serious leaking issues—or signs that your roof deck is already experiencing internal moisture intrusion.

2. Make Any Needed Deck Repairs

If you have noticed leaking in your roof deck—or an inspection has revealed moisture intrusion issues—then repairs and resealing could be in order. Homeowners usually know that when they spot leaks, repairs are needed immediately, but subtle signs, such as excessive ponding water or soft spots in the deck surface, may indicate that the deck is already experiencing moisture intrusion that will only get worse with more rain.

3. Consider a Deck Replacement

In some cases, roof decks have experienced extensive internal and external water intrusion damage that cannot be remedied with traditional repairs. In these cases, it is recommended that the roof deck be rebuilt. This may seem drastic to some homeowners, but serious leaking and rot damage cannot only make a roof deck dangerous, it can also expose more of the home to significant water damage, as well.

At DeckTech, Inc. our San Luis Obispo deck contractors have been inspecting, repairing, and building quality roof decks for more than 30 years. If you're looking for honest, experienced, and licensed professionals to assess your roof deck before the upcoming rainy reason, then our team is ready to hear from you.

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