Understanding Dry Rot

It likely that, at one time or another, you've heard the term "dry rot." However, as common as the term is, few of us actually understand what it is, how it occurs, and what it can actually do to the wood in our homes. Perhaps most importantly, few homeowners understand just how susceptible their roof deck or balcony could be to the development of dry rot. Below we take a look at the facts and what you can do to protect your home's roof deck and balcony.

"Dry Rot" Isn't Dry

Despite its name, dry rot isn't the result of a lack of moisture. When homeowners hear that their house has developed dry rot, many of them assume it's due to sun exposure or heat-- but this isn't the case. Dry rot is the result of moisture intrusion because...

Dry Rot Is A Fungus

Dry rot is a fungus that is allowed to grow, mature, and spread in the presence of even trace amounts of moisture. That is why so many balconies and roof decks suffer from it. Even small cracks and failings in a deck or balcony sealant can lead to fungal issues like dry rot.

Dry Rot Weakens Wood

As dry rot spores grow, they feed on the elements of timber that give it its strength and rigidity. Once these organic elements are consumed by the fungus, the wood is left weakened, which can lead to structural damage to your roof deck or balcony—and the potential for dangerous collapses.

Dry Rot Can Be Difficult To Spot

For roof deck and balcony owners, dry rot could be happening internally, beneath the stucco and cement of their home. Sometimes this type of fungus can produce a musty smell, but that can be hard to detect in the open air of roof deck. That is why it is so crucial that you have your roof deck or balcony regularly inspected for moisture intrusion.

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