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Professional Deck Waterproofing for Any Venue

At DeckTech, Inc., we have been committed to offering our customers a level of service that is uncompromising in quality and value yet is affordable. Because we believe in upholding our professional status as some of the area's leading deck experts, we utilize some of the most advanced waterproofing technologies. With our certified, insured, and highly trained professionals, you can receive quality products and services according to detail-oriented and cost-conscious specifications!

How Do I Know if My Deck Needs Waterproofing?

As a preventive measure as well as a safety concern, waterproofing a deck is something that we always encourage our potential customers and returning customers to consider. Whether you have a tile, stone, concrete, wood, or granite deck, waterproofing your deck can be essential to maintaining the integrity of your deck, adding re-sale value to your property, or protecting your investments in your commercial structure.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may need our professional waterproofing services:

  • Leaky decks due to corrosion and rot
  • Water leaks within your interior or exterior walls
  • Stains or faded discoloration on your deck finish
  • Signs of coating fractures or general wear and tear

Extending the Lifespan of Your Deck with Professional Waterproofing

Our team can apply high-quality waterproofing products to shield your deck from moisture, UV rays, and wear and tear. This added protection can prevent rot, decay, and structural damage, ultimately allowing your outdoor space to last for years.

The benefits of professional deck waterproofing include:

  • Preventing water damage and rot
  • A longer-lasting outdoor living space
  • Increasing the value of your property
  • Reducing maintenance and repair costs
  • Enhancing the appearance of your deck

Deck Waterproofing Methods

We have several methods that can safeguard your deck from water damage. Our team can use a sealant to coat your deck's surface. This substance creates a barrier against moisture, keeping water from seeping into the wood.

We can also install a waterproof membrane beneath the deck boards. This barrier helps prevent water from soaking into the surface below.

Our Deck Waterproofing Process

First, we assess your deck’s needs. We account for the deck’s location and its exposure to the elements.

Then, we clean and prep the surface, giving us direct access to the deck’s wood, and we get to work. If sealant is your best option, we begin applying it right away. Afterward, we give the substance ample time to dry before starting any other steps.

Depending on the type of sealant, we may need to reapply the treatment every few years to maintain adequate protection.

For jobs that require installing a membrane, we meticulously prepare the deck surface. This process includes removing any loose debris, cleaning and sanding the surface, and repairing any cracks or damage.

Once the surface is ready, our highly skill technicians begin installation. We use specialized tools to adhere the membrane to the deck’s surface properly. This process requires careful attention to detail, as we must avoid any gaps or air pockets.

Membrane installation typically takes a few days to complete, depending on the size of your deck and the complexity of the project.

DeckTech, Inc.'s Guarantees & Warranties

In a recent collaboration with the waterproofing experts and coating manufacturers at Nevada Coatings Systems, we have developed and formulated a specific anti-fracture deck bonding and waterproofing coating assembly. Our proven waterproofing system reduces the risk of intrusion in your valuable commercial or residential investment!

We are so confident in our technologies and application services that we always offer our customers guarantees, and all of our products are backed by warranties. DeckTech, Inc. is one of the few companies in the entire state of California to be licensed and approved to utilize this advanced form of waterproofing technology - and our customers reap the lasting and aesthetic benefits!

Ask about our corrosion-resistant deck coating assembly!

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