The Effects of Moisture Intrusion

What is Moisture Intrusion? Is It Really Something to Worry About?

Many home and commercial property owners fail to recognize just how serious this issue can be for their roof deck-- especially in Southern California's climate, where rain can be scarce. The truth is, however, that moisture intrusion and roof deck leaking pose a serious problem for unprotected decks and can lead to serious, even dangerous consequences.

Weakened Structural Integrity

The number one danger posed by water intrusion is the loss of structural integrity. When moisture is allowed to creep into the inner structure of a deck, it can gradually rot and weaken the wood. This occurs beneath the surface of the deck, usually unbeknownst to the homeowners. If inspections and repairs are neglected, this could lead to the eventual sagging or even collapse of a deck.


Many roof decks sit above livable space in the rest of the property. If water is allowed to seep through the roof deck and into the roof and walls of rooms below, mold can develop, posing a potential health risk to those inhabiting the space inside.


Sometimes looks matter! Moisture intrusion can eventually lead to ugly stains on your stucco or even in the interior of your property (if your roof deck sits above a room). Even water that is allowed to collect on the surface due to sagging and warping can result in tough stains on your roof floor or tiling.

Lowered Property Value

If you are a homeowner looking to sell your home or a real estate agent responsible for a property transaction, the water integrity of a roof deck is a critical factor in the safety and value of a home (for all the reasons listed above). Ensuring that a roof deck is sound and properly waterproofed can only help real estate sale happen as confidently and swiftly as possible.

Do you have a roof deck that could be suffering the effects of moisture intrusion? If so, our experienced San Luis Obispo deck contractors at DeckTech, Inc. are ready to hear from you. Our team of waterproofing and sealing professionals is not only ready to inspect or repair your roof deck but has built and installed countless safe, beautiful decks for clients over the last 30 years.

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