Why You Should Waterproof Your Deck

Continued exposure to the elements can place a lot of stress on the waterproof coatings on decks, stairs, and balconies. This is particularly true for decks of the oceanfront cities like San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach, where oceanic moisture and marine layer can supercharge the wear and tear placed on these features of your home. Unless proper waterproofing and sealing procedures are used, moisture damage to your deck could lead to large repair expenses, particularly in the need of a full structural rebuild due to rotted wood and framing.

When you have a roof deck or other balcony feature attached to your home, it’s important to make sure your deck is waterproofed in order to keep it safe for use and prevent any further damage to your home. By following these procedures, trusted San Luis Obispo deck contractor can help make sure your deck stays in optimal condition and your maintenance bills remain as low as possible.

Use a Solid Design

The design of your roof deck is one of the most important aspects of the entire system. Your deck should be designed to allow water to roll off of it or towards a drain in the middle of it, not stand stagnant. Standing water can leak through waterproofing layers, causing damage to the exposed wood beneath. If your deck has a hot tub or other feature on it, how will that affect your design and the ability for water to escape?

Use Above-Code Materials When Possible

While the state of California does have minimum standards of quality for materials that go into decking systems, spending a little more money on stronger, thicker, and better quality materials, particularly framing wood, can help your deck last longer be more resistant to the elements, and be capable of supporting more weight.

Nothing is worse than feeling the surface of your deck start to shift underfoot. When you add in the weight of the waterproofing material (which depending on your choice could be substantial), thinner materials could be placed under more stress just by general use. Spending a little more to build your deck stronger right from the start can ensure it lasts longer and is stronger for its entire lifetime.

Select a Quality Waterproof Coating

It’s strongly advised that you employ the services of a professional to do so. A factory-trained applicator will have stronger, higher-quality options available for you to choose from, many of which will not be available from a regular hardware store.

Whether you choose a vinyl or a cementitious coating is up to you, as each has a certain look, process for application, and amount of required maintenance. However, if you are unsure, it’s strongly advised you speak with a contractor regarding what you want out of your deck and your hopes for the project.

DeckTech, Inc. is a San Luis Obispo deck contractor who specializes in the construction, maintenance, and waterproofing of rooftop decks, balconies, and outdoor staircases. If the deck on your home has sustained serious water damage, call us today to schedule a deck inspection and to receive a quote regarding our waterproofing and resurfacing services.

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