What Damage Can a Leaky Roof Deck Cause?

Rooftop decks, walk-on decks, and flat roof decks are all common sights in San Luis Obispo County, and are an attractive selling point for many homes. Since these decks typically have living space beneath them, however, it is critical to make sure that your deck is fully waterproofed to prevent serious damage to your home. In this blog, our San Luis Obispo deck waterproofing experts discuss some of the most common and serious types of damage that can stem from a leaky roof deck.

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Structural Damage

The most severe damage that a leaky roof deck can cause is to the structure of your home. When water seeps into the walls, it will typically run along the framing and ultimately causes the wood to rot. Over time, this water can even run down into the foundation of your home, making it spongy and decreasing its strength.

Insulation Damage

Water in the walls or attic can quickly cause major damage to your insulation in a number of ways. First, the insulation will clump together, causing a drastic reduction in its effectiveness. Once the insulation is moist and clumped together, it becomes a prime location for mold to start growing. Mold can continue to grow even when the insulation dries out and can become an expensive and hazardous problem.

Fire Hazards

Any moisture leaks inside the walls of your home can drastically increase the likelihood of a dangerous house fire. When water comes in contact with uninsulated wiring or metal junction boxes, it can create an open circuit which could potentially cause a major fire.

Other Hazards

Water which drips down from your deck onto walkways, or worse, inside your home, can create dangerous slip and fall hazards. It can also cause chunks of drywall to fall out over time, and in extreme cases, can turn your deck into a major liability. For all of these reasons, it is crucial to make sure your deck is structurally sound and fully waterproofed.

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