Roof Deck Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

If you're looking to buy a home, chances are you have a long list of questions about the property. Frequently, however, potential homeowners are not sure what to make of house's roof deck. Too many of these real estate clients assume that a roof deck is simply a part of a house's exterior and not worthy of closer examination.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Potential buyers have an invested interest in ensuring that a roof deck is sound before they commit to any purchase. Below, let's look at some of the critical questions potential buyers should always ask about a house's roof deck.

When Was The Deck Installed?

Some roof decks are an original part of a house's design. Others are installed years afterward. Either way, it's critical to know the age of your roof deck and whether or not it was installed and sealed by trusted professionals.

When Was The Deck Sealed?

Even the best sealant treatments don't last forever. If the roof deck is on the older side, it could be time for a re-sealing or—even worse—complete replacement due to hidden moisture intrusion.

When Was The Deck Last Inspected?

It's crucial that roof decks be regularly inspected by qualified professionals. It's important to note that roof decks require their own inspection before a sale can be completed and professionals who are inspecting the rest of the house for a real estate agent should make note of this.

Can We Schedule An Expert In Trade Inspection?

If a home's deck hasn't been properly inspected by an expert in trade, you should absolutely require one from your real estate agent. Not only can an experienced San Luis Obispo deck contractor answer the questions above, but can also execute the proper repairs and construction needed to help complete a real estate transaction.

If you're a real estate agent that is trying to sell a property with a roof deck, DeckTech, Inc. is ready to assist you. Our professional team has more than 30 years of experience and has helped numerous local agents by inspecting, sealing, and inspecting roof decks before the sale of a property.

Want to learn more about how DeckTech, Inc. can help you close your real estate sale? Contact us at (805) 250-4498 today.

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