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Our San Luis Obispo Deck Contractors Have 25 Years of Experience

Nailhead corrosion

At DeckTech, Inc., we have time and time again helped real estate agents close a sale by ensuring that the condition of a property's deck is suitable for the home buyers. Not only can our trusted San Luis Obispo deck contractors spot integrity issues with a property's deck coating, but we can also offer solutions and execute the repairs and replacements needed to get entire transaction back on track.

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The Inspection Process

Before a real estate sale can be completed, a series of inspections of the property is needed for all parties to be comfortable with the condition of a home. Home inspectors, roof inspectors, termite inspectors—each of them report back on the whether the property is in reliable condition for the buyers and sellers. Which of these experts, however, can speak to the condition of property's roof deck?

Here's what our role in a real estate sale usually includes:

  1. Roof deck integrity inspection by an expert in trade.
  2. Thorough inspection of the deck and coating for dry rot, cracks, leaks, and other issues that might negatively affect the deck's integrity.
  3. Repair and resurface the roof deck, if necessary. Ultimately, the mission is to have the deck ready for home buyers for years to come.

The sale of a home can be a stressful process for all involved, especially the real estate agent. DeckTech, Inc. has numerous times received frantic, 11th-hour calls from real estate agents looking for "expert in trade" roof deck coating professionals to perform an inspection and make any necessary repairs.

Loose copper flashing that has lost its coating bond

Peeling deck coating that has lost its bond in the trough drain

The DeckTech Promise

DeckTech, Inc. has been providing roof deck construction, rebuilding, and resurfacing solutions for 25 years. Not only are our deck contractors skilled, certified, and insured, but are dedicated to our commitment of transparent pricing, customer satisfaction, and the highest quality work our industry can offer.