Santa Barbara Deck Waterproofing Project

DeckTech, Inc. has been fortunate enough to have worked on some great projects over the years, and we love sharing stories about the work that we are passionate about. Here's a memorable one about a Santa Barbara deck waterproofing project we completed for an HOA!

DeckTech Contacted to Fix Failing Slate Decks

DeckTech, Inc. was contacted by Laguna Home Owners Association regarding their 15 Condominium units which all had slate decks that were failing after just four years. Board member, unit owner, and Senior Vice President of Capitol Pacific Investment Group has relied on DeckTech, Inc.’s expertise and vast knowledge of waterproofing and deck reconstruction for over a decade.

The decks were installed during original construction of the condominiums utilizing a wire lath cement waterproofing coating assembly. The common problem with this system is that this lath rusts out and causes the waterproofing system to fail leaving a very bad appearance.

The stucco weep screeds were also installed improperly and was actually sealed off with mortar (a common practice with tile installation at decks). The coating assemblies were also installed with thin walled galvanized flashing instead of heavy wall galvanized steel flashing that DeckTech, Inc. utilizes.

Finding a Solution

DeckTech, Inc. provided an onsite inspection and assessment of the balconies. Then provided the Homeowners Association a list of problems followed by a detailed quote for a proven solution.

To resolve the issues, DeckTech, Inc. had to remove the slate covering the failed wire lath waterproofing system. The damaged stucco had to be removed from the bases of surrounding walls. Then they removed the failed waterproofing coating assembly, inspected, and prepared the exposed framing for the new coating assembly. A new heavy walled galvanized steel flashing would be installed also.

DeckTech, Inc. utilized their advanced and proven NCS-Granite II waterproof coating assembly. This modern waterproofing technology does not use the wire lath that most older and outdated waterproofing systems, such as Desert-Crete, Life deck and Tuff Flex utilizes. New stucco weep screed was installed at the correct height and elevations. All stucco was redone where it meets the deck.

Once the project was completed, the decks were completely reconstructed and will now last for years and years. The best thing of all is no one will be able to tell any work has been done on the properties due to DeckTech's expertise in matching existing stucco finishes.

Need Deck Repair or Waterproofing in Santa Barbara?

If you need deck repair, construction, or waterproofing in the Santa Barbara area, we invite you to contact DeckTech, Inc. today to request an assessment and cost estimate. Our company has been trusted for more than 30 years and is known for professionalism and quality. Call (805) 250-4498 today or browse our website for more information on our services.

Questions? Feel free to contact us today to schedule an inspection of your deck!

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