Capital Pacific Homes Weighs in on Experience with DeckTech, Inc.

From Capital Pacific Development Group:

"Capital Pacific Development Group has been working with DeckTech, Inc. for over eight years. We have found the expertise at DeckTech, Inc. to be very insightful for all our waterproofing needs and very proactive in resolving any assembly issues that may contribute to a water intrusion event.

"Due to their proficiency and ability to work well with all the construction stakeholders, our waterproofing improvements were executed on schedule and we have yet to receive a homeowner deck waterproofing complaint in the past eight years covering 53 homes with decks averaging 300 SF. We have used lower-cost waterproofing systems and have paid the price with expensive repairs and legal costs. One deck water intrusion event could easily cost our company $100,000 to repair and California law requires a 10-year warranty from the general contractor, meaning the deck better last at least 10 years to avoid costly litigation. Consequently, the small premium for using the DeckTech, Inc. system in the long run (three to five years) is actually significantly less expensive than lower cost substitute systems.

"As a result of DeckTech, Inc.’s successful work, we have been able to lower our warranty repair reserve account and eliminate any deck water intrusion warranty claims. We highly recommend considering DeckTech, Inc. for any construction waterproofing matters."

Vince Amore

VP Operations

Capital Pacific Development Group

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