NCS-Subgrade Membrane VS Conventional Membrane Applications

The NCS membrane is a Polyurea product. In Laymen’s terms, a hybrid between epoxy and urethane developed for the waterproofing and protective coating industry. This product is an amazing innovation in the waterproofing industry. It was first used in the military and marine industry, but after seeing all of the benefits and capabilities of being able to expand without fracturing, it became recognized as a perfect fit for waterproofing residential and commercial decks. It is also useful for buildings that are constantly under stress, which can cause fractures in all previous membranes over time. After years of testing and modifications, it is now the premier choice of waterproofing membranes, but only a few chosen contractors have been certified and licensed and approved to install the application.

So how does the new NCS Membrane stack up?

  • 350% elongation (tt will need to expand 3 ½ times surface area before fracturing)
  • Anti-fracture membrane cold and heat tolerances
  • Performs below freezing conditions and exceeds 130 degree temperature
  • Application areas can be back filled within a few hours
  • Very little dry time
  • Seamless solid surface membrane
  • Hardness is a Shore D (460)
  • It can be back filled without protection board
  • Extreme tolerances to hydro-static pressures
  • Very durable
  • Typically 30% more for installation than other conventional roll on coatings

Conventional waterproofing Membrane Materials w/ Protection Board


  • Material cost relatively inexpensive
  • Readily available to most for applications


  • Anti- fracture elements far less than NCS
  • Material application is layered in with multi-coats, so application takes much longer
  • Dry-time is 3 times the amount of NCS
  • Minimal hardness and protection
  • Must utilize protection board for back fill (sub-grade waterproofing)
  • Multi-layered application allows for vegetation roots to impact between layers for failure (sub-grade waterproofing)

This leads to the conclusion that the NCS-Subgrade Membrane is a little more expensive up front, but in the long run will save you lots of money in costly repairs in the future.

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