Is Your Deck Ready for a California Summer?

Summer in California often means trips to the beach, long hours of sunlight, barbecues with friends, and many other great times for its residents. However, it also means several consecutive months of abuse for your deck. With the sharp rise in temperatures, your deck will be facing a long period of increased sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation, and the general wear and tear summertime use.

So before the hot summer months start piling stress onto one of your home’s key features, it’s important to take some preventative care measures to ensure you can not only continue the use of your deck, but prevent it from becoming a major hazard to your home. Decks that have aged, faded, rusted or even started to crack can not only be an eyesore on your home, but can potentially present a fire danger, as well. Here are a few tips for preparing your deck for the summer months.

Inspect Your Deck

Take some time and inspect the condition of your deck thoroughly. UV radiation is one of the toughest elements for nearly any substance to survive in, so no matter what your deck is constructed of, look for signs of wear and tear. Have any cracks formed? Is water leaking through into the substructure through those cracks? Have any of the materials faded dramatically? California’s year-round sun causes this to happen much more rapidly than in other regions throughout the United States, so sun damage may occur faster than you expect it to.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to inspect the structural integrity of your deck. Water damage in the internal support structure (that has worsened over our cooler months) can weaken the materials, and thus make your deck dangerous to stand on or use.

Repair Your Deck

If you find significant damage in this inspection, decide if you can salvage your deck or if you need to fully or partially replace the deck surface. Cracks in the surface of your deck can often be easily filled, but deeper, more prevalent breakage may require further repairs or a full resurfacing.

For older decks where the surface may be worn out but the structure is still in good shape, you may want to consider simply resurfacing your deck with a weather-resistant material. Stone tiles are a very popular, aesthetically pleasing, and highly durable choice a lot of homeowners pursue.

For other surfaces, such as wood or composites, you may want to consider simply sealing it with a new coat of paint or a UV resistant sealer. Granite decks are more difficult to repair, and an improper repair job can actually cause irreparable damage to your deck surface. You will want to contact a skilled deck refinishing contractor to schedule a service appointment if you need repairs to a granite deck surface.

Paint or Stain Your Deck

Depending on your deck material, you may want to consider painting your deck to give it a fresh, clean look as well as provide a new protective layer from the elements. This not only can this revitalize the look of your deck, but can extend its lifetime, as well.

If you have made any repairs to a stucco deck, you will most likely want to repaint your deck completely if you’ve performed any repairs to prevent any discolored spots or obvious repairs. Sunlight can have a significant effect on paint, and you will most likely have to repaint the entire surface of your deck if you perform any repairs in order to ensure a consistent, even color.

DeckTech, Inc. is a San Luis Obispo deck waterproofing and resurfacing company that specializes in all kinds of deck construction, maintenance, and repair. Whether your deck is made of wood, tile, stucco, fiberglass, or any other material, DeckTech, Inc. can help you ensure your deck can survive even the hottest of California summers. We have over 30 years of experience serving San Luis Obispo County, including the cities of Grover Beach, Paso Robles, Atascadero, Pismo Beach, Santa Margarita, and Morro Bay.

Contact DeckTech, Inc. today by calling (805) 250-4498 to schedule your deck service now and prep your deck for the upcoming months of summer fun!

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