Who Our Clients Are

At DeckTech, Inc., our trusted deck sealing and resurfacing professionals offer a wide range of construction and repair services—services that have allowed our team to work with a variety of different clients for a variety of different needs. Below, we take a look at some of the usual clients we serve and what services our experienced team regularly provides them.

Home & Business Owners

The year-round sun makes roof and tile decks are especially popular in Southern California homes and business (such as restaurants, bars, spas, etc.). These decks allow residents, guests, customers, and patrons to enjoy that sun and unwind in the outside air. Because many of these decks rest above living or commercial spaces, however, it is imperative that they are regularly checked for leaks, cracks, and other damage.

That's why our team is ready to provide:

You can learn more about business and residential roof deck services on our roof deck leaking page and our tile decks page. If you are experiencing a roof deck leak or your roof deck is in need of repairs, contact us today.

Architects & Builders

Because our DeckTech, Inc. team is also skilled in roof and tile deck construction, we also work with some of the most prominent construction firms in San Luis Obispo. Before residences and commercial spaces are occupied by residents or customers, our professionals do the work of building new deck projects using the highest-quality materials and ensuring that a reliable and stylish final product is delivered on time. You can learn more about our construction services on our new deck construction page.

Real Estate Agents

DeckTech, Inc. also assists real estate agents who are in the middle of trying to close a sale. Often, roof decks are not in optimal condition at the time of a sale and real estate agents need an Expert in Trade to inspect a properties roof deck and either a) confirm its integrity or b) make any necessary repairs before the sale can be completed. DeckTech, Inc. has served in this capacity many times and is ready to help your real estate agency close its latest sale.

Does your property, construction project, or real estate sale need assistance from our San Luis Obispo deck waterproofing and construction professionals? If so, call us at DeckTech, Inc. to request a free assessment.

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