Does My Deck Even Need a High-Quality Deck Drain?

The Solid Surface Waterproof Coating Industry has numerous manufactures for deck coating products, each one vying for your dollar when you work on a deck resurfacing project. In general, a deck coating product will set the tone for what insiders in the industry refer to as a Minimal Industry Standard for numerous deck coating assemblies. Such assemblies are installed primarily on your balcony deck or deck built over an occupied space. The assembly or coating acts as a roof to protect the underlying framing and the occupied space below. For years, deck coating product manufactures have specified a bare-bone drain detail to be used in most circumstances.

The drain specified will generally consists of:

  • 2-inch brass collar
  • 6-inch soldered sheet metal flange
  • Clip in grate

This drain is nailed to deck substrate to begin. Next, a waterproof coating is bonded to the sheet metal flange. Lastly, the drain collar is stubbed out with ABS pipe. Drain assemblies of this construction in significantly arid, noncorrosive environments may last anywhere between 8 and 14 years. In corrosive environments, such as along coastal regions with high salinity-moisture in the air, they are doomed for eventual failure, usually becoming defective or deficient in as little as 3-to-6 years.

Know Your Options When Working On a Deck Drain

Your deck contractor might not be fully aware of the negative impacts an environment can have on your deck drain. When obtaining an estimate for deck coating drain repair, ask your installer to provide specification on drains for your review. Understanding the differences with the products proposed will allow you to make a better decision with better payoff as time goes on.

A deck coating assembly manufacturer may recommend a minimal low-cost drain to be installed but this is essentially not a viable option at all if you live in a coastal region due to the high chance of corrosion failure. All galvanized or bonderized-galvanized sheet-metal will rust and corrode over time. If your home is in a corrosive environment, you should insist that noncorrosive drains are utilized for your deck construction or resurfacing project. They will cost a bit more but the increased chance to avoid failure will be well worth the upfront investment.

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At DeckTech, a leading failure component we observe on many deck inspections is the inappropriate use of low-quality deck drains that end up corroding. Oftentimes, the deck coating can appear pristine above the drain but in the hidden areas below the coating is complete failure. DeckTech only uses upgraded drain assemblies that are corrosion-proof on all of our projects. The stainless steel and brass drains we use will never fail due to corrosion, ensuring to longevity of your deck coating assembly compared to standard low-cost drains that always eventually fail. The corrosion resistant drain used by DeckTech also has an oversized opening to allow for optimum drainage, a best fit, and an impressive finish, once again compared to the much smaller opening and clip-in grate that is the minimal industry standard.

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