DeckTech, Inc. inspects and fixes a leaky tile deck in Cayucos!

Local Cayucos resident Scott Robinson contacted DeckTech, Inc. to assess issues with his tile deck coatings and chronic leak issues.

As usual, a typical day at DeckTech, Inc. begins with multiple calls by potential customers looking for solutions to correct their leaky deck issues. Local resident Scott Robinson contacted the office after seeing DeckTech, Inc., crews working at neighbors home for several weeks. Scott spoke to Customer Service Representative Irene Butler at DeckTech, Inc. and said he noticed our crews across street working at a neighbor’s property for several weeks. He then saw our project sign posted at the residence and asked neighbor if we were a reputable decking contractor and if we did a good job. The neighbor replied that DeckTech, Inc. was very professional and offered solutions other contractors overlooked and exceeded expectations with service and repairs throughout project. Scott said based off the comments from neighbor he would like someone from DeckTech, Inc. to inspect his exterior tile deck which often leaked during torrential rain.

Irene responded to Mr. Robertson’s request by immediately setting up appointment for Founder and Owner of DeckTech, Inc. Ron McKenna to meet with him and inspect his Deck issues.

Ron performed a thorough waterproofing inspection of the home and provided the following findings to Mr. Robertson. During the inspection, Ron discovered the tile on the deck was installed later and on top of the original deck coating assembly. The Tile Setter effected and messed up the original elevation’s with the stucco weep screed terminations. The problem with the old tile being installed directly to and on top of the existing deck coating assembly was the old waterproofing coating was designed to breath and dry-out after rains. The result of this was decomposing and failure of the deck coating below the tile and paper/Flashing failure behind the stucco due to impacted weep screeds and restriction of ventilation and drainage to areas.

DeckTech, Inc. recommended a proven solution to rectify the failing and leaky deck. Ron indicated to Mr. Robertson the old tile and failed waterproofing needed to be removed. Plus new stucco screeds and deck flashing would have to be installed. In place of the old waterproofing solution, DeckTech, Inc. recommended their proven and tested NCS Deck Coating assembly in place of tile for a long term solution with less maintenance issues. Mr. Robertson agreed with the findings and the detailed quote presented by DeckTech, Inc. to fix all issues.

Within a few weeks the project commenced and DeckTech, Inc. veteran and trained employees started to handle every aspect of the project from tile and coating removal, removing the failed flashing and stucco paper to removing and reframing the exposed rotted framing.

The project consisted of installing new deck flashing and re-plumbing the drainage outlets, new deck coating assembly installation, stucco replacement, new railing fabrication. These areas were rectified and improved materials were utilized such as copper deck flashing replacing galvanized flashing, and vinyl weep screed replacing galvanized stucco weep screed because the property was literally located right on the Cayucos beach front.

Another reason DeckTech, Inc. is the chosen deck coating contractor in the Cayucos area is their experience and ability to make all of the new Stucco and flashings match and blend in to look just like the rest of the home. So it is not as noticeable that work has been done to the home.

Duration of project was approximately 3-5 weeks and Mr. Robertson was so happy with all phases of work provided by DeckTech, Inc. He is now having us fix other substantial areas located at front of residence.

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