Not All Deck Waterproofing Systems Are Equal!

Forty years ago, most decking was either concrete, wood or magnesium chloride. Over the last forty years, slip sheet, neoprene’s, acrylic and urethane systems have advanced in their abilities to waterproof buildings in all aspects of the building envelope.

Better Technology for Deck Surfaces & Waterproofing

Many of the technologies developed for military applications, such as Polyurea have again offered significant advancement in the archaic world of waterproofing and coatings. Polyureas such as those designed and manufactured by Nevada Coatings and installed by DeckTech, Inc. are being used in areas far more advanced than a typical balcony deck. Some Polyureas are used in tunnels under bodies of water. Others are used in containment systems such as nuclear storage and others in the oil industry. So, needless to say that this Polyurea system has been vigorously researched and tested in some of the most demanding government and military projects around the world.

How Our San Luis Obispo Deck Contractors Use the Latest Technology

Ron McKenna from DeckTech, Inc. has taken this amazing product to yet another level and have implemented this proven product in controlling moisture intrusion issues of residential and commercial buildings. It has been formulated and has proven in the past years to be the most advanced and reliable deck waterproofing system available. This modern deck system replaces the outdated deck coatings that all lead to deck failures. They have pushed the boundaries with this proven technology to unheard of waterproofing success along with completing vapor barriers and resolving leaks at exposed sides of basement and foundation walls.

Most deck waterproofing companies are still selling and installing archaic cement based wire lathe systems and selling less and less each year of these systems simply because the technology has changed and become less expensive to apply. Its not a question whether the wire lathe systems will rust out its just a question of when.

A few waterproofing companies and self-proclaimed experts however have made many untrue and very misleading statements relative to Nevada Coatings systems and DeckTech, Inc. relating to how they are not compliant in one way or another. Most of it is because they are not able to sell or apply this technology because they are not certified and cannot get approved or meet the requirements that are in place. The funny thing is almost all of them have contacted and applied to be a licensed dealer but have been turned down due to the requirements.

Most professional waterproofing contractors in the State of California, are properly licensed with C33, C39 or B1 (General Licenses). The mere fact that a company has a State license such as C61 / D12 (irrigation and synthetics license) does not in any way qualify them as a professional waterproofer or expert in his field.)

A synthetic products contractor installs:

  • (a) Synthetic counter tops and wall coverings; fiberglass, plastic, vinyl and epoxy products; plastic tile board and decorative artwork; and synthetic turf.
  • (b) Bathtub and enamel refinishing, resin and epoxy application, and synthetic caulking and sealants.
  • (c) Reservoir liners, vinyl swimming pool relining, pier piling wrap, and rodent guards.
  • (d) PVC piping systems for irrigation and drainage; subsurface irrigation drip systems.

This License which is not a contractor license but a Landscape Irrigation and Synthetic Products License (used to install epoxy and laminates, not decking or waterproofing) .

The problem with this is most deck waterproofing jobs require some reconstruction and framing and at the very least installing the flashing. This license technically doesn’t cover these types of construction tasks and a general contractor license is required.

Nevada Coatings Systems has been tested by Underwrited Laboratory and achieved a Class A Fire Rating. Contact Nevada Coatings or DeckTech, Inc. for technical data relative to Fire Ratings.

What Sets Us Apart?

The bottom line is DeckTech, Inc. offers the most advanced waterproofing system available. It meets all building requirements and codes. A smart buyer of waterproofings will ensure he/she has checked the references of the contractor before entering into a contract. Before hiring a waterproofing contractor to do work on your home or commercial property check their license and see what they are licensed to do. Ask for references It is also good to make sure they are fully insured and bonded and visit their business to make sure they have a reputable business and storefront.

If you’re having deck leaks or any kind of waterproofing issues give DeckTech, Inc. a call, we can explain our advanced waterproofing systems and how they will protect your home for years to come.

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