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A deck can be one of the highlight features of your property, but it also demands care and attention in order to stay in its best condition. This can be particularly difficult in coastal areas where hours of sunlight combined with marine layer, damp air, and even the occasional rainfall can put tremendous strain on your deck’s surface. When you need a company who can provide you with outstanding deck installation, repairs, coating, and waterproofing services, DeckTech, Inc. is your number-one choice.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, we can provide you and your property with the skill and professionalism you’re looking for in a deck contractor. Whether you’re looking to build a completely new deck or simply give your old deck space a bit of a facelift, DeckTech, Inc. can get the job done and obtain outstanding results. We understand how important your deck is, and we focus completely on everything from aesthetic considerations to safety so you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to having a deck that’s both good looking and functional.

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Why Choose DeckTech?

DeckTech, Inc. can offer you a degree of professionalism and versatility that make us one of the top decking contractor choices along California’s central coast. We service all types of decks, including new construction, inspections of existing construction, resurfacing, tiling, waterproofing, leak sealing, and much more! Whether your deck is an integral part of your property or just an added point of pride, we can take care of it and provide you with the best possible service.

Here are just a few great reasons why you should choose DeckTech, Inc. for your needs:

  • We use the industry’s best materials and manufacturers to give you superior results
  • We service all types of decks, including tile decks, custom and unique decks
  • We are a fully-licensed and insured contractors
  • We offer free estimates and local quotes
  • We back up each of our services with warranties and guarantees

Why Waterproof Your Deck?

Waterproofing is extremely important for decks because even just a small leak an lead to tremendous wear and tear, wood rot, cracking, and other potentially serious problems. At DeckTech, Inc., we know how to inspect for and spot these problems, even in their early stages, so you can have the confidence of knowing the exact condition of your deck.

We can even repair these flaws and restore your deck’s condition, and then seal your deck once again so you can enjoy it for many years in the future without having to worry about its stability or condition. We can even provide assessment and inspections for real estate disclosure to ensure you know exactly what condition your deck is in before completing a sale.

New Deck Construction

Looking to add a deck to your property so you can get more enjoyment from your outdoor space? Make sure you hire only licensed, experienced professionals to ensure that your deck construction project is completed safely and correctly. When you call DeckTech, our team can help you design and build the deck of your dreams using only the highest-quality materials. In addition to the added living space you'll get to enjoy, you'll also be adding significant value to your home!

Deck Leak Repair

Moisture intrusion is a big problem for roof decks, causing all kinds of problems that could threaten its appearance and structural integrity. If you have noticed excessive ponding water, soft spots, or evidence of dry rot, you need to contact a deck contractor as soon as possible to diagnose and correct the issue. After making the necessary repairs, we may also recommend waterproofing to protect yur deck and prevent future problems.

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